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HALCON been making well-designed, well-crafted workplace furniture for over forty years. Chairman and founder, Peter Conway, established HALCON in 1977 with a desire to produce the best wood furniture in the industry. HALCON's continued success is rooted firmly in a culture of quality, innovation and a commitment to long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers, and employees.


Your project experience is led by a dedicated, in-house project manager. HALCON provides detailed quotations, shop drawings, custom finish samples, and timelines to keep your project on track. HALCON anticipates challenges, generates ideas, and provides creative solutions

at every step. HALCON also pairs your project manager with an experienced local HALCON representative at NJM. By combining a single point-of-contact at our facility with a strong local presence, we ensure the highest level of total service to our clients.

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Genuine Craftsmanship

Genuine craftsmanship is blended with modern manufacturing processes to deliver the best quality products to HALCON'S clients.

Hand-selected wood veneers are laid-up one office suite at a time, perfectly balanced and matched by skilled artisans.

State-of-the-art manufacturing software tracks each unique part as it moves through HALCON'S factory, each piece precision cut on sophisticated machinery. Millworkers clamp dowel-and-glue casework, hand-fit miters and hand-sand solid wood to ensure a perfect fit and precise detailing. 

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